Portrait photography



However easy modern technology makes it for people to take photographs, formal photography is still the medium by which most people recall their past.  School photographs and wedding albums remain treasured reminders of how you were.  I offer a service that adds to this stock of memories through studio portraits of children, family groups and adults in both formal and informal poses. 

Check through the galleries for an idea of the range of portraiture available. Check the price list to see options on locations, shoot times and formats for presentation of your final selection.  Then contact me to discuss your personal session.  

 Portrait Galleries  
    'My World'        


Take a look at your photo collection.  Where are the pictures to recall childhood friends, workmates, hobbies and leisure activities?  10 or 20 years down the line, such pictures could be something to treasure.

 In addition to the usual, formal, individual or family photograph, I offer that something extra, something that is difficult to capture in a studio setting.  The 'My World' service gives an opportunity to record the personality of the subject/s.  It can include informally posed portraits in a particular location as well as fly-on-the-wall shots.  No formal sittings, no forced smiles - just a record of people at a point in time, doing whatever they do, and feeling whatever they feel.  

Every commission is different and individual.   For further details give me a call or use the contact page to ask any questions. 


E-mail me at enquire@reflective-eye.co.uk or use the Contact page for further information.