Hester Blewitt .............. Distinctive photography
I was born and grew up in Birmingham, where I still live.  My family is all over the UK, and abroad, and I’ve lived and travelled widely, relishing the opportunities which local contacts bring to someone with a lot of curiosity. 
Over the past few years I’ve developed my photography and particularly enjoy taking pictures of people just doing what they do – whether at home or on location, whether working, volunteering or involved in a hobby or leisure interest. 
People who aren’t normally comfortable in front of a camera are relaxed in their own environment, work or home, and that’s where I prefer to take my ‘people shots’. Events and social gatherings are other places where people are themselves and are happy to pose or just do their thing while I click away.


Children are a favourite subject (they don’t worry about their noses and wrinkles) but like most photographers, I can get obsessional about beautiful light or mist and am fascinated by interesting textures, shapes and patterns. Whether these are in remote rural landscapes or local urban environments, plant or animal life or manmade objects, is immaterial – I will happily spend hours observing and recording them   


E-mail me at enquire@reflective-eye.co.uk or use the Contact page for further information.